Online community and business coaching programs primarily for entrepreneurs with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, AD(H)D and OCD.

Amazing accomplishments, despite having Dyslexia.

Scott Sonnon didn't let life's challenges keep him from following his dreams. Why should you?

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Our program is primarily optimized for adult entrepreneurs with either diagnosed or perceived learning disabilities, but we welcome all people to join our coaching program!

Has a learning disability prevented you from starting your business? Do you want to start a business, but feel you cannot? Have you been told you cannot start a business? Do you feel stupid(1) and frustrated(1) with your ability to learn new things?

Well, you can stop thinking that you can never accomplish your dreams! Our team, a group of severely learning disabled people, has created a coaching program that will empower you to follow, plan, execute and absolutely own your dream business.

Adult dyslexics have long been misunderstood. Their considerable talents have often been unrecognized and unrealized. Fortunately all this is changing.

(1) Yes, we use words like stupid and frustrated because that is exactly how we experience it ourselves!

Our coaching program is open to all adult entrepreneurs, whether you have learning disabilities or not. Our coaching pace, our methods and our tools has all been optimized for a solid, peer-reviewed, peer-assisted community of people willing to do what it takes to be successful - while using the skills they have and benefit from the skills found in our coaching community.

We recognize learning disabilities as either diagnosed or perceived. It can be primarily Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and OCD in any combination.

It has taken many years, but we believe we have finally reached a point in time, where the awareness of learning disabilities (and Dyslexia in particular) has become more clear. We still need to educate people every day about our "learning difficulties" so we can help people learn what they need to learn - using whatever method that fit the individual.

Our Coaching Program

Our coaching program runs for 12 weeks and involves online materials, downloadable materials, videos, weekly calls with your business coach, group presentations via webinars and various online 3rd party services.

Every lesson consist of a short video (less than 5 minutes), written section, a clear (but short) action plan, various support materials (downloadable and/or links), and - in most lessons - we have a short 3-question follow up.

Once you are signed up for our coaching program, you will have access to our coaching program website, where you will be able to manage your progress, take lessons (at your own pace), communitate with your peers (and us), provide feedback and ask questions.

We have a great collection of lessons in a varity of categories. Here are some of the categories:

  • Get Started
  • Community
  • Mindset
  • Productivity
  • Your Business
  • Planning
  • Business Legal
  • Business Financials
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Websites

In addition to your lesson plans, you'll have access to a varity of tools, both online and available for download. Most of the online tools are free while you are in our program, some are discounted.

Additional Benefits

As part of our Coaching Program, we offer a range of services that will help you establish your own business faster.

We have negotiated the following services with our partners, enabling us to provide these benefits at substantial discount and, in some cases, at no cost to you.

  • Legal services
  • Paralegal services
  • Content writing
  • Promotional items
No cost
  • Professional website  New
  • Business logo
  • Proof reading
  • Email marketing
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